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I Want the Truth

April 4, 2012
By Perfect-Darkness GOLD, Kennebunk, Maine
Perfect-Darkness GOLD, Kennebunk, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
One of the hardest things you'll ever have to do is to stop loving someone because they've stopped loving you.

The world passing by
While I sit in a daze
What would I do?

Not long ago you asked me out
And I said Yes
If I had known it would end like this
I would have said No

But I was so happy
Happier than I’ve ever been
And when you said you loved me,
I believed you

You said I was beautiful
You said you’ve never liked anyone as much as me
You said you loved being with me
But I guess those were all lies

Did I ever mean anything to you?
Or was it just a joke?
I guess I will always wonder these things
I’ll always want the truth

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