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A Stupid Fight

April 14, 2012
By MountEverest GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
MountEverest GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
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"Why rather, sleep, liest thou in smoky cribs
Than in the perfumed chambers of the great,
Under the canopies of costly state,
And lulled with sound of sweetest melody?" By William Shakespeare

Eyes stinging,
Mouth clenched.
Fists balled,
Words lost.
Pressure building,
Comfort lost.
Friends lost,
Enemies found.

Continuity of disgrace,
Swiftness of decisions.
Truth be lies,
Lies turn truth.

Words that make no sense,
Witness destruction.

Sadness and loneliness.
Understatement in criticism,
Hypocrites rule.
Honesty dies.
Tears become power,
Blank faces stare wonder,
Confusion on everything.

A tanglement of madness,
Emotions go nowhere.
Like anyone cares,
Rolling down,
Down, down.

Everyone loses,
Although victory is scarce.
Two against one,
Or two against none.

Not a part of a fight,
But of an argument.
Not a poem,
But a statement.
Words mean nothing,
Talk is cheap.

Fingers pointing,
Three rebound.
Attention lost,
Unfocused sound.

Players lose,
Cheaters validate.
Champions threatened,
No reason confirmed.

Decisions made,
Anger lost.
Calmness takes place,
Anger reconsiders.

We all sit and talk,
Talk that are lies.
Accusing one another,
The truth it disguises.

Mouths are snakes,
Don’t know where to strike.
Snakes turn to mouths,
Hissing lies.

A red enemy comes to play,
Burned in the flames of this disgrace.
Never we see it once again.
Full of lies and fury,
Nothing to gain.
It means nothing.

Writing can be dangerous.
Tactics need to be watched,
Unfocused from the past.
And leave it behind us now.

Memories are different,
Thinking unique.
But when we talk about this,
Face to face,
No evidence is greater,
Than experience itself.

The author's comments:
I've had a lot of experiance with friend problems and this piece only talks about one of them.

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