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Killing Me

May 15, 2012
By photolover26 SILVER, Napa, California
photolover26 SILVER, Napa, California
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It’s so far away
I don’t want to go
But I have no choice
I’m not yet an adult
Only eighteen more months
It’s not that long
But it feels like an eternity
How can I leave my whole self behind
How can I survive
I am strong
Or at least that’s what I think
I’ve learned to hide what I’m feeling
But it’s slowly starting to kill me
I’ve become one hell of an actress
And no one knows but me
No one knows
Everything I keep to myself
They think it’s great
Everyone is ecstatic
I’m left alone in my quiet world
Where nothing can hurt me
Except the thoughts inside my head
And the constant conversations
How could it end
It’s only just begun
I tell myself to keep faith
And expect that good will come out of it
But I feel like I’m drowning
I’m completely powerless
And the feeling of hopelessness
Is slowly starting to kill me
I want to be alone
To be left in my misery
As long as I’m alone
I’m free
I know I have to accept the fact
That everything happens for a reason
But it’s slowly starting to kill me

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