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May 20, 2012
By Lilacs_Smell_Wonnerful PLATINUM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lilacs_Smell_Wonnerful PLATINUM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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When life gives you lemons make grape juice. Then sit back and watch everyone look at you in amazement. :)

my HeArt is a gem
sought After
glitTering In the sunLight
on a shelf Just out of reAch


you beckon SeducTively
fingeRs of Bone curling toWards
lips sO blue and Lifeless
my Soul leaPs upward
to your sKeletal Frame
eager to provide the stepStone
needEd to reach the Throbbing amethYst.

strong lifeBlood is courSing, Pounding out the beat
of my Being.

HeArt is graSped in your Eager hands
fingers ClaWing at the surFace
and the Stone
becomes coMmon Gravel

hanDs lose their Grip

the sDarkle of Interest dulls from yoUr eyes
the pebble is CareleSsly
Tossed aside
into the Pile of ruBble
wasTing away in the Corner of the uniVerse

what Was once preciOus,
you Made


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