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Life Beyond Death

May 24, 2012
By lorthof BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
lorthof BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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I feel lost
And I consider
All those who have walked before
And all those who will walk after

I feel cold
When I consider
Where I was when Napoleon rode
And where I will be when the White House burns


Is life bondage or liberation?
If it is bondage
Then death is the release
And birth was the enchainment
If it is liberation
Then death is the end
Of care, love, and entertainment

But there’s no going back
We are here to live
Though not originally
By our own volition

So live we must
And live we will
And live we gladly shall
But the inquisitive mind
Cannot help but wonder:
What lies beyond the veil?

Even in the darkest of times
Life is as much a blessing as a curse
Even in the blackest night
A dim light reminds us that
Things could always be worse

I feel miraculous
When I start to realize
That I have been given
A chance at consciousness
And to whomsoever made me
I deliver thanks, by way of wonder

The author's comments:
Beset by sadness and confusion, I remind myself that I still don't really have it bad. It's just interesting to know whether there's some power that engineers life and death.

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