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Your drug pt 2.

May 30, 2012
By Soft_spoken GOLD, Houston, Texas
Soft_spoken GOLD, Houston, Texas
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if your feelings go away its not love
if that person
leaves an imprint on your heart that was love
only once
only one guy left a imprint on my heart like that i love him still -BY ME BRITTANY JENELLE

I am the drug you use to get high.
The times your bored and have nothing to do.
I'm the one you come running to.
I'm the drug you use to get high.
So, when there is a crime between us to I'll never be your alibi.
When I need you, I know you will never be there.
So this is how it feels to be used and abused.
The pleasure you get from doing this to me.
The pleasure you get from using me.
I'm going to give you that opportunity, though to get the hell away from me.
See because I'm not the one, and you certainly need help.
Because I'm the drug you been using.
But this time, I got to be good to myself.

The author's comments:
It's just something I been through before a struggle and I made it through. Always leave a situation that has no benefit to you.

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