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To Feel the Thunder

May 31, 2012
By jeseer PLATINUM, Auburntown, Tennessee
jeseer PLATINUM, Auburntown, Tennessee
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"Truth without love is a killer, but love without truth is a liar. The Bible commands us to have both: It says to speak the truth in love."--Elliott Nesch
"To love another person is to see the face of God."--Victor Hugo

To become part of the asphalt,
warm like passion, strong
and unwavering, breathing in the cool fall—ah, the taste and smell of water!
It chills, it breathes, it keeps me awake…
Lightning hath no fury, nor crushing rubber,
nor crashing thunder…ah, thunder,
the mellifluous rolling into the distant void—it comforts…

How does it stir fear of imminent death?
Why do people warn of Thunder?
the strong, inevitable, undeterred
Are they just running from other fears?
Or, are they afraid of confrontation?
a part of the wrought earth, looking down the barrel of an open-ended gun..
They’re bound to crack and disintegrate, to blow away with warm winds and be a whispering vapor, an avoided thought.

Ignorance is ignorance,
hiding under the guise of bliss.
Could it save a life?
Could it take one?
…Does it matter?...

I need to feel the thunder,
to take this passion and fly!

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