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There's a Story of a Woman

June 17, 2012
By Old-World-Blues DIAMOND, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
Old-World-Blues DIAMOND, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
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So, generally I remember walking into the room
Keeping the same cold look on my face
We never made eye contact, and that was fine
You were nothing but a fragment of my mind
Though I still thought what I thought that night
It's just a small feeling, it will be alright
But geometry is math, and I'm not a fan
So I intended to never speak of it again

But that wasn't the end, no, it never is
You were the only thing that I didn't throw out
Sweaters could never give me comfort after that
Only the wrap of satin and plaid
But God was right when my stomach rejected
To stop eating or become a monster
But who was I to disobey my Lord?
So that's why you found my curled up on the floor

I screamed at you to let me go
I threw things farther than they could have gone
That's why those dents are in the wall
I let them bury me in the fire of Hell
Taking a shovel to my chest didn't remove you
Nor did it bring you back, which I prefered
The best outcome out of it all was a horrible joke
When the could have forced the Devil Spoke

If you look down upon the nights I pray
Remember the time where I almost ran away
And didn't come back, though I threatened well
The feet of people can surely kill
But these monsters still hold me against my bed
They make me scream inside my head
I mentally decay with physical conditions
And eat away with leaves and potions

So there's a story of a woman who couldn't let go
And she found her home in the heart of her own
Misery, the death of most and those
Who can't see a purpose to further go on
She'll eventually tear from her sorrow one day
And fly to a place, a galaxy away
Because she knows that you're still in her heart
And she's loved you as God's work of art

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