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one more longing

July 22, 2012
By werebringingLIFE GOLD, Atlantic City, New Jersey
werebringingLIFE GOLD, Atlantic City, New Jersey
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" my heart is to small so please, dont break it "

one more day i wish that i could be with you
tell you that i love you
so that you can caress me in your arms

one more day i wish that i could kiss your cheek
get up and scream-
because i know that you would tell me that....

i wouldnt have to be afraid
that i could face another day
and that i could see the flowers in may

only if i believed that you would stand by my side,
guide me through the night
to tell me it would be alright

as you whisper songs in my ears that relax my startled soul
while tears flow down my face like boulder rocks

oh how for one more day....

i wish i could see your face
smell your enchanting perfume
as you disappear into the sunlight....


The author's comments:
this is just a little tribute poem to my mother who is no longer hear with me............ she passed away from cancer some years back.... and pretty much i made this just to express how i wish i could spend more time with her.............

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