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Summer's Prose

July 22, 2012
By greenpinstripes_erinn SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
greenpinstripes_erinn SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
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The peach continuity of this peace
Glazes me over
The flames that used to spread within me have now shrunk to an insignificant candlelight
Illuminating just enough of me for my mind to understand the in and outgoing thoughts
That used to rupture my signals and bring my sensible indications to an impetuous explosion
The clarity is of the Caribbean water, clear, distinct and still
My ongoing mentality is of the freshest lime, glowing with efflorescence and a sour zap that gives the gift of perspective
The upcoming adventures fill me with anxiety and excitement,
Bouncing through my brain
Lunging within my lungs
Springing from nail to knuckle
And the moments when I’m enjoying those fantastic adventures,
One vine of flame scorches its way around my leg
Slithering up my chest
Curling around my back
Right to the nape of my neck
Where it will burn the thoughts of the impending prison, that annually grasps me
So whenever my mind is enjoying itself, it will remember that scar
That will soon be vehemently ripped open and left for Prometheus’s doom.
But wait,
My savior will return
And when he does
I won’t let the lascivious flames crawl upon me again

Or so I thought

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