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the longest poem part 1

July 23, 2012
By werebringingLIFE GOLD, Atlantic City, New Jersey
werebringingLIFE GOLD, Atlantic City, New Jersey
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" my heart is to small so please, dont break it "

why do you sat that you love me when you dont?
you make up lies of guilt so i wont FEEL BAD
no, wait, stop...
i cant do it anymore
expressing myself through words is-
something absurd because-
you never heard a-
rhythm like mine-
words that you cant find-
in a regular dictionary because im something that you cant -



i risk my heartbreak and soul for a person and they just hand me my heart back on a piece of jack*** that they are,
yes this may be deep but i have words to say
i want them to roll of your tongue like little pop rocks
dancing like salsa against your taste buds because im


WOW, knowing that you could show me how you feel once in while wouldnt be bad
actually ill be glad because then ill have


but with that comes more " LET DOWNS " and " DISAPPOINTMENTS "........

and PERSONALLY ....... i dont think that i can handle it

why do i do it?

i cant stop thinking about YOU
i cant let YOU go, knowing that-
i cant have YOU, because YOU-
cant have ME because im something that you CANT ......


no, wait, stop

i have words to say......

The author's comments:
i wrote this because of love.... did you know that love.... well.... it sucks... .the thing i learned is.... dont love if you think your not going to get love back.....

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on Jul. 29 2012 at 11:06 pm
dolphincrazy226 BRONZE, Madison, Alabama
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Life is Good!

I love how you seperated certain words from the rest of the poem.  It really adds a deeper meaning to the emotion and overall message of the work.  

And don't give up, there's always something worthwhile out there for everyone:)