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"Bulletproof Sky"

July 30, 2012
By Kavon SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kavon SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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There,at the pinnacle of firmament,
we rose like a red flower at the inception of May,
after being saturated by wet pieces of April,
we rose like the massive stone blocks on
Egyptian sun tanned backs,that built the
pyramids of Giza,the Valley of the Kings, and the
headdress of the Sphinx,
We rose like the voices of Christians
and Muslims, in a biblical carousal,when
the hands of humanity ripped the seed of the
lord off that cross, and tried to resuscitate
their Isa,our Jesus, we came like El Salvador,
the savior to Moses,rising the rivers to set
ourselves free,like the fire set on American
soil,because they believe crooked currency
is water,when it's ability is equivalent to gasoline,
but still we came,armored with the
sullies to systematically slaughter the slanted
pages of our past life,because like the firmament
above,being plagued by auburn clouds with a universal
expansion,we tell a story,it tells a story,
because it saw every story,by the always opened
invisible eyes,that's invincible to the intervention of
this useful,but invaluable Earth,that gave birth
to the redemption of a recollection,but we have yet
to revel on a revolution.....
to rebuild the broken temple of God inside of us,
to resurrect the perishing palace of Allah inside of us,
so that the wine can reverse back into
the once forbidden fruit in Eve's hand,so this
world can become the Garden of Eden's epitome,
and we can live in epiphany of this embalming
fluid embedded in our embodiment,so we can rise
as high as the middle bar of heaven's
gate,so watch us rise this bow....
like the Great Apache warrior,Geromino,
and shoot these arrows of arrogance into the
aerial sanctity of the firmament,that shatter like
a diabolical deity's daring fist into its adversary's once
impenetrable potency of glass,into a billion pieces,

that fall and wilt in the hands of what we are today,
and rise again,materializing into a new impeccable us,
with our minds at peace,equivalent to the new
intangible strength of the sky,because our minds are now,

The author's comments:
To lift one's spirit

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on Nov. 5 2012 at 12:54 pm
remember16 SILVER, WhiteLake, Michigan
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