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Uniquely Me

September 16, 2012
By SpaceKing800 GOLD, Glen Rock, New Jersey
SpaceKing800 GOLD, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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"We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but is somewhat beauty and poetry"- Maria Mitchell

I am happiness

My beaming smile can light up a room
When a family or a friend cracks a joke
Laughter fills me with bubbling joy
There is no feeling like this in the world

I am sadness

I can find myself
Knees up to my chest
Tears dripping down my warm, dampened cheek
The emotions pour out, one by one, endless
Distant and alone

I am determined

There are times when along the path of life
I end up on the ground
Tripping over an obstacle, blocking movement
No matter what the fault
I get back up and continue

I am kindness

A friend, a stranger
Weeping, hurt, afraid
I will be there for them
Every step of the way
Through each fight and each battle
They can count on me to defend

I love…
to stargaze at the twinkling stars that dot the blackened night sky
to think outside of the box
to read inspiring, awe dropping fictional stories
to write my heart out
and to hang out with my friends
We are an interesting group
Yet, each one of us fits into the puzzle

Some might question

Who am I?

There is only one answer

One response

I am uniquely me

The author's comments:
A poem that embraces the unique qualities in every individual

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