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your biography.

October 18, 2012
By lizpaula DIAMOND, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
lizpaula DIAMOND, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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when two voices called out
my cheeks regained their rose

they wrote your biography in front of me
and page after Page my decisions changed
and though they declared to be the up most unbiased of voices
their loyalty to you was unbroken

but never did I tell of what happened that night
because the words could never be arranged so sweetly
and while those thoughts closed up the back of my neck
i uttered but a few ideas as we lay with lights on
and soon I was exhausted

And on that night
i fell victim to fear
and I cried for hours on end
with stubborn decision

but those voices soon refreshed my waters
and they began to flow again with the up most of might
and the population has increased
and I may finally bathe peacefully in the waters
because since I read your biography
ive understood every page

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