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Pretending You're Here

October 22, 2012
By AshleyWasInvisible PLATINUM, Chester, West Virginia
AshleyWasInvisible PLATINUM, Chester, West Virginia
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It’s hard loving someone
You have to miss all the time
But I know I would rather miss you
Than spend my time with someone else
And sometimes I can ease it a little
If I just lie in my bed
Close my eyes
And pretend you’re beside me
Like if I wanted to
I could wake you up
And you would hold me
Until I fell asleep on your chest
Feeling your skin on mine
Your lips on my forehead
And when I woke up
You would still be there.
I’d make you promise
to stay in bed with me forever
But I know you’d get hungry
And leave me to find
something in the kitchen
But until then I’d just enjoy you
And smile to myself
Thinking of all the ways
You make me happy
All of the ways you make life better
I might even ask you to pinch me
Just to make sure I’m not dreaming
Because I’m a dork like that
But I’m your dork
And I’m so lucky to be yours

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