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Dear Loneliness

November 4, 2012
By Julie1998 SILVER, Ponce, Other
Julie1998 SILVER, Ponce, Other
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Keep your head high, no one is better than you, so you must not make them think they are.

Dear loneliness,
Now you’re my friend,
For the confidence from whom I've always wanted,
Is gone,

Maybe I’m not too honest,
Now answer me,
Would you stop trusting me?
If I know that you lied too someday,

If confidence never existed,
It would be like dancing without knowing what is dance,
It would be like loving you without knowing what is love,
Everything would be incomplete.

Dear loneliness,
Who I love has leaved me behind,
Because some a stupid thought,
That is not even truth.

Problems I've had,
With your company I have risen,
For simplistic things I have cried,
And you have been here with me.
Why you're just a reflection of my loneliness?
Why aren't you someone that really exists?
So much ill I have caused?
To show like this how I feel?

All of this is like a dessert,
Without clues, without any consolations,
I feel alone in this little world,
Without doors or windows,
Without any sign of possible way out.

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on Apr. 10 2013 at 5:06 pm
-Hopeless- GOLD, Hudson, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"The lines that have no rhyme, are the ones that mean the most" -Me-

"Are you with me, or will you fall to your knees?" - We came as romans-

Good but sad :(