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A Beautiful Storm

November 5, 2012
By Kavon SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kavon SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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You’re precious, precious
as the pristine northern lights, the
Aurora Borealis, being slurped by
innocent Alaskan eyes,
you’re gorgeous, gorgeous as
Georgia in the arms of August,
green as Savannah ,laughing at the envy
of Atlanta, you’re pugnacious, pugnacious
as a patronized prostitute, but you are the
complete opposite ‘cause you
get your earnings right,
you’re powerful, so powerful that
I quake in the proximity of your
awakening presents, that I drop like
rain drops and explode into cell sized
precipitation on the moist floors of your

fiery heart, sultry, as the wings of the Phoenix, but

I am nothing, but a sunstone feather falling

slowly past the sun rays of Arizona,

onto a cactus’s spine, you hurting so good

and it’s good ‘cause it’s hurting ‘cause

you’re magnificent, but so malevolent

so maliciously massacring this solitude of mayhem

berated in my brain that I feel like

an evil god, that evolved from the Hearth and

I can’t stand these flames at the palms

of my hands as I stand in the middle of a field

of red carnations, watching you quake ,

loving how your hurricane force winds nearly

knock me down, as I pound at my being,

as thunder your screaming,with such monumental

STRIKES!!! of lightning, wishing I could

be in the endless pits of one of those mountainous

bolts of electricity, so I can really feel how

your love hurts, and as I’m lying with a literal

black face on my back, your audacious audio of

automatic SHOCK! will resuscitate me from

the bed of the inundation zone,

inundated with such electrifying elements

that eliminates the pain, to such an elated amorous

ammunition, inundated with the authenticity of your

awful awesomeness that’s gruesome in the grain

that gives me such a wholesome feeling,

inundated with these red carnations, that I cast

into the sky, for you to hold in the pockets

of your turquoise clouds, as I bathe in the

desolation of your beautiful R.E.I.G.N, your reign,

‘cause you’re a beautiful storm-

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