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Fatuous Me

December 7, 2012
By AriannaNicole PLATINUM, Palmyra, Missouri
AriannaNicole PLATINUM, Palmyra, Missouri
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Despicable me.
Foolish me.
Hopeless me.
Why can't I see,
That this is the way
things will always be.

Childish me.
Dumb me.
Fatuous me.
All of us,
you, me, we
Will never, ever act differently.

This is how so many children, and adults, feel on a daily basis. They're wrong. Together we can stop bullying.

The author's comments:
The way we treat each other is unacceptable. We single people out, call names, start rumors, and hate without even knowing someone. We have grown to judge on a whim. She's fat. He's retarded. These terms we use so regularly can destroy a person. I ask you to rise above the influence of bullying and reach out to someone who needs a friend. It's hard, but if we work together, we can accomplish so much! Nobody deserves to be bullied. Join me and help extinguish the fire that's been burning far too long. Bullying... It needs to end.

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