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First Voyage

January 8, 2013
By SoulPoetry PLATINUM, Sierra Madre, California
SoulPoetry PLATINUM, Sierra Madre, California
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A period of true love
When happiness was common
Never knowing heartbreak
Just one memory stands out
Two young hearts madly in love
The sun illuminating our fire
Your eyes,
Two little pits of glimmering hazel.
Hair dancing with the cooling breeze.
Your lips, two virgin pilgrims
Never knowing travel
Now ,I,being their first voyage
Yet ,I too, have virgin lips.
Embracing your warmth and never wanting to let go
Staring into your eyes
Whispering gently words of love
Poetry at it's finest
Your cheeks changed from light Carmel to rose
The scent of our tree marked with our names
Smelled of fresh honeysuckle
Enticing my love for you
The music of my heart crescendoed from piano to fortissimo
Now both ships set off into their voyage.
In the eye of a storm
They meet.
Adrenaline and peace all merging into one.
A kiss that felt an eternity and a day.
Our one memory we will not forget.

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on Jul. 11 2013 at 2:06 am
LexusMarie PLATINUM, Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Alex! All of your love poems are the ABSOLUTE best love poems I have read. Each and every one is so very real and I crave to read more. You are brilliant, I mean honestly I would have never thought of the metaphor you used here with a first kiss being a first voyage nor would I have been able to take it to the extent you did. I am highly impressed, but with you I always am, of course! This seeps into my heart and from there it goes to my soul and this poem is one I won't forget. This is beautiful and I enjoyed each and every line.. bravo to you, my friend. As long as you continue to write, I'll continue to comment. (-: