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Another Romeo and Juliet Tale

January 20, 2013
By Roper GOLD, Krum, Texas
Roper GOLD, Krum, Texas
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I believe that I am in love with him
And that he is in love with me
Be we are from different worlds
Would our families ever approve?
Or would it be another Romeo and Juliet tale?

Summer of ’08 is when we met
Just outside of town, at a high school party
The moon was high in the sky, the stars were shining bright
Finding a small boat dock to escape the crowd
Where we talked and laugh the rest of the night away
The first and the last time I saw him that summer
But he never left my mind

Summer was gone and back to school
The days came and went
But not one day went by without thinking of him
Dreaming about that night
The way he smiled at me
With the moon reflecting off the water
And the kiss upon the cheek, when we said good bye

January of ’09, working at the stables
That was the second time I saw him and not the last
I almost didn’t recognize him, but he recognized me
For six months we dated, before meeting each other’s parents

Neither meal went well
One out of the four parents gave their approval
Rude comments and jokes throughout each meal
Some things were yelled and tears were shed
Once both of legal age
We headed out west to be happy

Another Romeo and Juliet tale has been told
Though without the tragic climax
Maybe one day you will have another Romeo and Juliet tale to tell

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