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Love yourself

January 25, 2013
By AtisticPoetForMyGood PLATINUM, Monticello, Georgia
AtisticPoetForMyGood PLATINUM, Monticello, Georgia
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My hair's a mess, it's never right
Always had a hat to hide it out
But hers is straight and always in place
Never once had to hide it in her life
My teeth aren't straight, it's brace faced
Metal in the school yearbook
Pearly whites shining every where
Her smile, it's so nice to stare
She's never shy
Always says the right things at the right time
My lips they shake
Always stuttering each word that I say
With so much confidence
She walks with her head held up high
I'm just as good as her
Something I lack; head hanging down
Why can't I be like that?
Why am I a mess?
I wish that I wasn't me
I wish that I was little miss perfect as can be
Everyone loves her and you can see
I wish that I was little miss perfect as can be
I now walk up tall, with my head up high I see myself
Yes I'm not perfect, but no one is
I have too many flaws I can't count on my hands
I think I look good in a hat, I love my braces
I can look at myself and love everything.
From my wacky nicknames and damaged hair
To my big thighs, 34 C boobs and my booty.
As you can see I love every little thing about me.
I love myself as a plain Jane girl next door with thoughts to recall
To all you self conscience girls here's a message for you all
Don't hate yourself for being the person you are
There are many things you can change, but you can't go that far.
Love your curvy figure. Love those small eyes. Love your short or tall height.
Love yourself and you'll soon shine in the spotlight.
Don't let those so called beautiful girls get to you
You have something they don't have and it lies deep inside of you

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