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February 2, 2013
By aclee0626 PLATINUM, Woodbury, Minnesota
aclee0626 PLATINUM, Woodbury, Minnesota
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To my baby:

close your eyes baby
dive into a new state of mind
a new thought process
turn 180 degrees
look towards a new light

what you think,
is who you are
who you show
to others who surround you

smile baby smile
make life worth living
take chances
live it out
be yourself
no one is more qualified

live life on the edge
to make it worth living,
worth fighting for

it's what we're supposed to do
how we're supposed to live

life consists of constantly failing forward
we learn from our mistakes
move on
and live life
in a new state of mind

smile baby smile
it's what makes you who you are
who you want to be
who your friends see
who i fell in love with

happiness is worth more than gold
more than all the fish in the sea
more than all the stars in the sky
to me

when happiness is flowing
through your veins
you are you
you're the man i fell in love with
the man you want to be

smile baby smile
show me your love
your joy
show me you

happiness leads to success
or so i'm told
but i believe it
with all my hurt
just like
i believe in you
in us
with all my heart

smile baby smile
you have so much going for you
so much support
so much love
so much happiness

you have a life worth living
take advantage of it
focus on happiness
and everything will fall
fall into place

it'll all come with time
but i believe in you
everyone does
your support system
your never ending support

your lucky sweetheart
where you are
is the best for you
be strong
be happy
and smile baby smile

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