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Knots of the Mind

March 4, 2013
By ZinkANnggirl1004 BRONZE, Weston, Colorado
ZinkANnggirl1004 BRONZE, Weston, Colorado
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too many things on my mind,

cant live without him,

gotta go to college,

gotta help my friends, definitely my family,

dad doesnt understand me,

im worried about mom,

miss my sister like hell,

need my best friends by my side,

too distractible,
cant move forward, wont let go,

gotta get my a** in gear, no time, gotta make time, never enough,

cant stop glancing at his name, know he's asleep,

wont be the same, dont like change, never did,

gotta get him back,

im too consumed, im paranoid, im crazy, im scattered,

need HIS help,

confused, desperate, wish i could stop loving him,

music consumes me,

everythings connected to him,

too many things,

too many people,

im strong, sometimes i cant remember if i am,

are old flames worth it, or did the new fire burn too badly,

his names always there, just like the memories,

dad hates him, mom dislikes him, i love him, are they against me,

i liked church, but he's there, friend or more, cant make up his mind, too desperate to care,

i feel Him everywhere, i think, maybe, too confused,

need organization, need a break, no breaks, gotta keep pushing soldier,

you survived, keep surviving, could be worse, stop complaining,

times up, new day, things due, too late, stuck in a hole,

problem sharks circle, thought eels tangle, emotion octopus latch on and cloud my judgment,

hard to see through the tangles, fighting blind, oh the knots of the mind

The author's comments:
It's my senior year and 1 in the morning. I had a lot of things on my mind and was about to post it to facebook, but id rather express myself here. I figurd, this is how the thoughts bounce around in my head sometimes. I wanted it to be clear how confusing and crazy it sounds. If anyone has questions, just comment and Ill get back to you. I hope you enjoyed it, it helped me write some stuff down.

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on Mar. 11 2013 at 2:10 pm
ZinkANnggirl1004 BRONZE, Weston, Colorado
3 articles 0 photos 7 comments
I would really appreciate your opinions, as long as they are constructive. Even just the "i like it"s are welcome. If you could tell others about it, i would greatly appreciate it. :) thank you