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You Are Prefect But what Im I missing?

March 1, 2013
By Yaya21 GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
Yaya21 GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
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love and death what it is dont stop in fear, love yall ba, leave please, danger is reality, dont controll the feelin then y keep having it. hurt and pain is all part of life. life is too short to waste. believe what u believe in. love is a passion

The hurtful days and hurtful night is long gone
All because of you
You took those tears out of my eyes and wipe them away
The smile you bring to my face
You make me feel so wonderful
So desirable
But for some reason all those don't matter
My heart still attach to the future
My past love
You are my angels
Guiding me through this world
But i don't get it
I don't understand
Why I'm still in love with my old man
You tell me you love me everyday
But I cant get those same words to escape from my lips
I feel so stupid so dumb
Why hurt the one you think you love?
We don't argue or fight
We wrap each other in the cold night
But all of that don't matter
I'm still attach to my future
My old lover
That piece of him is not quit gone
It still remain in my broken hurt
You try to make me smile
I do but all fake smile
I love you i think
But I'm still caught up in him
The one i fall in love with before
The one man i still craved for
I'm I making a mistake?
I'm I pushing the right person away?
I'm I taking your love for granted
I like you I really do
But sometime i seem confused
You tell the world about me
Everyone knows
But my love is still on pause mode

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