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Your Smile: xD

March 1, 2013
By thepaperinventory PLATINUM, Saratoga, California
thepaperinventory PLATINUM, Saratoga, California
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I still remember fourth grade,
Your smile was bright,
Your words polite.

I still remember the boat museum
That you, unsuccessfully, tried to create,
I even drew a few layouts for it,
But they were never used.

I still remember the beginning of fifth grade,
The way we talked,
One would have thought
That we were the best of friends.

I still remember when you asked
If I wanted to be your partner
In the science lab.
At that time, it seemed like nothing,
Since we were such good friends.

I still remember Team Wrong,
When you were the banker
And I was the servant
And the Wrongville Chronicles author.
You overthrew the mayor
And became mayor yourself.

I still remember when a classmate
First told me.
I didn’t believe it,
I didn’t want to believe it,
But it was true.

I still remember our fifth grade teacher
Passing back the photographs
Of when we were in the science lab.
You quickly threw it in the trash
And I tried hard not to burst into tears.

I still remember the end of fifth,
When I sat down beside you on the swings
And you flung yourself up
And escaped,
In fear of rumors to start once again.

I still remember the beginning of sixth.
We exchanged two words,
But none after that
For rumors were still flying.

I still remember walking home,
We quietly greeted each other,
And I watched you bike away,
The whole time I was afraid
That I would not see one of those days again.

I still remember ensembles
When I searched for the right time
To exchange a few words,
But that time never came.

I still remember the day
When you wished me
A happy birthday,
And I thanked you
As casually as I could manage,
Knowing that it took courage
For you to talk to me.

I still remember your birthday,
The date memorized by your username
On an old game, Dragcave.
I said happy birthday
On Facebook,
And tried to find you at school,
But every time I saw you,
My courage faltered.

I still remember lying on my bed every night,
Thinking about the years before.
It seemed strange that
Such a friendship like ours
Could die, just like that.

I still remember crying in my room,
Wondering how I was able to get in trouble
For talking to you so much, back in fifth grade.
But now,
I don’t know how to talk to you.
I don’t know how to laugh with you.

I still remember Facebook,
The whole purpose I went on was
To talk to you.
Every time I went on,
I hoped that one day,
We would be close friends
All over again.

I still remember Facebook chat,
When you were yourself again.
Once in a while, you made the emoticon: xD
Every time I saw it,
I remembered the years before.
Every time I saw it,
I remembered your smile.

The author's comments:
A childhood friend.

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