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Be mine

May 26, 2013
By GabrielMeroli GOLD, Sabana Grande, Other
GabrielMeroli GOLD, Sabana Grande, Other
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My love life is a mess; It's like a puzzle piece that doesn't fit no where. - by: Gabriel Meroli

One day we'll be together
Nothing can break this bond apart
Now you're holding my heart
Please don't let it fall

When I'm with you it's a perfect day
The world's not safe to be alone
Your love is a bright diamond ray
My hearts lays in you,you're my home

All my fears are fading until they become none
Every time I see you I get butterflies
And all the lies, are no longer lies
That's why I know you're the one

I've waited a long time for you
Just tell me "You're the one" and I won't be lonely
I've been willing to do everything for you
You are the one and only

As long we're together everything will be alright
You're the first that I want to see every morning
Be there holding and loving you tight
I won't never ever let you go

All my life waiting for this moment since I met you
I'm in love with every little thing you are
Be my love tonight and forever
I can't deny, this love will be mine

Be my love and life
Please don't waste more time
With you I feel alive
I don't wanna tell this twice
C'mon and be mine

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