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Just Half Way

May 25, 2013
By Pure_Serendipity GOLD, Maywood, Missouri
Pure_Serendipity GOLD, Maywood, Missouri
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"The way a clown does their makeup may not be what they want to look like, it just might be what they feel. Don’t judge people by their outside. Look through the mask and seek whats inside."
-Lauren Treutel

I'm done. Time to move on, life is a like a long hike up Mt. Everest. In order to get to the top on time, I must move forward. I have to adjust to the bumps and get back on track. I have to keep moving towards the top. But I won't look down, I might see something that will bring me down.

I looked down, because of you. You've caused enough heartache but you still get me to fall for you, every time. You bring me down once I've gotten myself back up. Well this time, I'm done.

I just know the right guy is waiting for me at the top of the mountain. But where am I at now; half way up, next to the bottom, or ten feet away from the top?

Oh, Mt. Everest, please have him meet me half way. My heart can't take the ache.

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on Apr. 14 2014 at 9:46 am
AriannaNicole PLATINUM, Palmyra, Missouri
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A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.
Joyce A. Myers

Hey, I just wanted to somehow let you know that i'm gonna be grounded for awhile. I miss you like crazy and I love you lots. Still in the hospital... It smells like farts here. BLEH! Anyway, See you soon love. Hope all is well.