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The Purple Pants

December 30, 2013
By Einstein SILVER, Monmouth, New Jersey
Einstein SILVER, Monmouth, New Jersey
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I got a new pair of pants today
They’re the shade of royal purple
They besieged my body like an invading glove
And I surrendered
They were made just for me

I knew I can take off the tags as soon as the first leg slid through
It was a match made in heaven
I examined myself in the mirror
Delighted by my appearance

My eyes strayed to my curves
And then looked at the rest of me
And back to my curves
And were forced to look away
And wandered back to my curves

I eventually took them off
To wear to school the next day
But then I read the tag
Wash before wearing to preserve color

I had a dilemma
Short term desire against long term satisfaction
Did it matter when I first wore them
Not in a year from now
When the color still clings to the denim like it was fresh off the rack

But it matters right now
At this very moment
When the beautiful pair of purple jeans stares at me
Waiting for me to wear them

We make eye contact
I stare at them
They stare at me
We are in an impasse

But then I turn away and remember
They are just a pair of purple jeans
Then my mind conjures a memory
A memory of them on me

And my curves
My eyes linger on my curves

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