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A Glimpse of Shy

May 10, 2014
By Sweet_Tear SILVER, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
Sweet_Tear SILVER, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
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I am going to do my best to try
Let me explain
What it’s like to be me, shy
I know many think they understand
How social interaction scares me
The way my voice fails
A lock without a key

I worry about everything I do
How I could mess up
The social subtleties I knew
I do not want anyone mad
So I hang my head low
To avoid the conversation at hand
Oh how speaking is my foe

I was born with a soft voice
That fails me ever so
Not being her is not by choice
It’s just my too quiet words
So I repeat myself and they get mad
Though they gave no response
When my voice is not that bad

That mistake I made three weeks ago
Still haunts my thoughts
So I shake my head NO
Too ashamed of it am I
Though my mistake never realized
How often my failures make me cry

Sometime it’s as simple as not
Saying hello or goodbye
How hard my emotions fought
Sometimes it’s just something dumb
Most of the time no one notices
So I quietly beat myself up inside
For my mistakes, where my mind focuses

I will sit for ages
With the answer, the idea
Keep it trapped in my own cages
Long I battle to simply speak
And I know it holds me back
But it’s the courage I lack

All of this I simply cannot do
Because I am afraid to upset
Someone like you
My mind makes the worst
Of every situation
Without a word
I can have an entire conversation

That was a glimpse into my mind
I am thankful for
This computer to hide behind
It’s not a choice I hope you know
It’s a curse I must endure
I am done now
There is no encore

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_ambyK SILVER said...
on Sep. 11 2015 at 2:31 pm
_ambyK SILVER, Paris, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm not following anyone else's tracks, I'm making my own."
-Picabo Street

I love this! I get how you feel!