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May 18, 2014
By Horror-Mistress DIAMOND, Waco, Texas
Horror-Mistress DIAMOND, Waco, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
There is always someone that has it worse than you

I try to be there for you
I hold out my hand
and offer my time

I ask "What is bothering you?"
I want to help
and make you smile

I know the pain you feel
I relate to your fears
and I cry your tears

I do my best
I try hard
but you push me away

You ignore my efforts
you never open up
I only see you blank expression

You tell me no
every time I knock
You deny my attempts of comfort

My heart breaks every time
you talk to others
I don't know what of

You won't talk to me
You never open up
But I'm one of the few
That truly know your pain

The author's comments:
I wrote this after a friend refused to talk to me about something that was really hurting them. Any time I would try to talk to them, they would walk away. He finally told me what was wrong, but not till after we talked about this issue.

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