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Equations of Love

November 10, 2014
By TakeAGuessKatara SILVER, Beltsville, Maryland
TakeAGuessKatara SILVER, Beltsville, Maryland
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People say love can be tricky

But it seems more trig-y to me
Love can be described
As the graph of a trig functions
Moving and everlasting
But all of them being quite different

I had this one guy that told me he loved me
When the day before he made-out with my sister
To him love was like a sinusoidal wave
There were ups and downs
Hits of the amplitude and a reliable frequency
He acted as if I was just one
Of the many girl points
He had to hit through his love graph cycle

There was another guy who touched me like an inverse tan graph
Wrapping around me
Curving and swishing sweet as wine
But we only ever met at one point
And it had to be one of the lowest
We only wanted another person to be with
So we found each other
And intertwined ourselves
Only to realize we only had one feeble connection

If only love was not a trigonometric function
But more linear!
Where you know where you are going
You can see where it will end
And you can see the slope of the situation
But no,
Its usually quadratic or trigonometric
Men just going in circles
Or in waves
Or with asymptotes that no girl could cross
Each girl in their own section
So a guy could try it all
Without any interception

I want some linear love
Where my man would be the x to my ys
And we would keep going up for ever
It doesn’t have to be a steep line
It can be slow
But with my linear love equation
I know we will continue to grow

The author's comments:

This is my nerdy interpretation of love <3 To fully understand it you should know a little bit about trig functions but otherwise it should be fine. Enjoy :)

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