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December 13, 2014
By dgeileen PLATINUM, Livingston, New Jersey
dgeileen PLATINUM, Livingston, New Jersey
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― Oscar Wilde

I remember when we all got

our own little crayon box

with only eight colors in it.


Those were the days when roses

looked like little red win glasses

with a whirpool inside.


The sun was a quarter of a circle

peering onto the page

from the top left corner.


The sky only spanned 2 inches

from the top of the page,

and never got to kiss the ground.


A person was drawn with a circle

and five lines, or sometimes fifteen

(if we challenged ourselves with fingers).


Sometimes we'd draw a rainbow,

just so we can use all the colors

in that crayon box.


We labeled all of the pictures in black

even though (we knew)

the pictures we clear enough without them.


Imagination ignited magic

created from our own little crayon box

with only eight colors in it.

The author's comments:

Back to when I was in Kindergarten and everyday I'd draw using crayons. Now I do digital art and sometimes sketch with a pencil, but I still have a small box of crayons resting in my drawer, a souvenir from those beloved crayon days. (I know the picture says 16 crayons, but I just loved the picture so I chose it anyway.)

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