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In the Eyes of a Killer

January 14, 2015
By Saige.k SILVER, Weston, Connecticut
Saige.k SILVER, Weston, Connecticut
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Flowers don't die. They only revive.

What do you see through a murderer’s eyes?

What kind of lies can arise from a tattered soul?

How can they see it all as a game?

Isn’t that just a shame?


A sorrow fable of lost fame

As the world is set aflame

All from just a window frame?

How can it all be sane in the eyes of a killer?


Who can sleep at night knowing a forgotten soul has lost its toll to your role in society?

What is accepted in a world where all lies are just oversized skyhigh cries told from dead eyes?


Is it all just a bloody lie?

That only ends by the tip of a knife?

Is there even any real life?

What is truly happening in the eyes of a murderer?

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