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The Light At The Bottom

January 16, 2015
the-tears-im-crying-dont-deserve-you PLATINUM, Batesville, Indiana
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love comes and goes,
just like the watter flows

I didn’t love you in the beginning,
I saw you as protection,
But every day when I see you, hug you, kiss you,
I fall for you a little more,
And when I see you the next day,
I want to turn and run,
Run away and hide,
I’m holding on with one hand,
Holding on to the ledge,
Of the hole I’ve come to know as your love,
I look up and see the light,
And it looks so inviting,
Then I feel your hand on mine,
I look over and I see you,
And you see my fear,
You tell me “its okay,
I love you I wont hurt you,
I wont let go of your hand,
I wont leave your side,
We’ll get through this together I promise,”
I look in your eyes,
And search for some hint of a lie,
I find none,
My eyes fill with fear and then tears,
Remembering the last time someone told me that,
He lied,
He tortured and beat me,
Then left me broken,
You let go of my hand and wipe away my tears,
You tell me,
“I love you,
And would never hurt you like he did,
Its okay let go,”
My arm goes weak and I start to slip,
I panic, and let go of your hand,
I grab for the surface,
But get no hold,
And slip further,
I look down and see a light at the bottom,
I panic more,
Afraid to find out what waits at the bottom,
Is it pain, or love,
I don’t know which,
I look up at you,
Breathing hard fear and panic in my eyes,
You take my hand and tell me you love me again,
I lose my grip, and fall,
You don’t let go of me,
Instead you take me in your arms,
I try to push you away,
Want to be as far away from you as possible,
When the pain hits like a train,
But you refuse to let go of me,
“we’ll get through this together” you say,
And I realize you’ve been telling the truth the whole time,
So I make a quick decision,
I let you hold me,
Trusting you with my entire being,
And I welcome the darkness,
Its good you can not see my fear,
But you feel my tremors,
And hold me tighter,
The light gets bigger getting closer,
It is bright I close my eyes,
And we are swallowed by the light,
I become giddy with joy and nervousness,
And for once,
I cant wait to see what the future holds.  

The author's comments:

i wrote this for some one specal but i was as special to him

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