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Please, God

April 19, 2015
By kgoettsch GOLD, Browns Summit, North Carolina
kgoettsch GOLD, Browns Summit, North Carolina
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He stands proud, 

awaiting his orders. 

He's donned his fatigues, 

and standing at ease. 

He thinks about his grandpa, 

and how proud he'd be. 

He thinks about his family, 

and prays that they're okay. 


For a fleeting second he thinks

of the girl he left behind

the one he refused to date

for the fear of giving her hurt. 

What he doesn't know, 

or better stated as, 

what he refuses to acknowledge, 

the girl fell for him anyways. 


She fell for his eyes, 

the ones that hold so much pain. 

She fell for his smile, 

the one that makes her day. 

She fell for his snark, 

one that can rival her own. 

She fell for his heart, 

one that beats for her alone. 


Now there's only one thing she can do, 

so she kneels to pray. 

Please, God, 

let him make it home okay.

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