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May 10, 2015
By TakeAGuessKatara SILVER, Beltsville, Maryland
TakeAGuessKatara SILVER, Beltsville, Maryland
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"Live for tomorrow, remember today, and smile because you survived yesterday," by Me

When you hear my voice
BOOM-ing through the amphitheater
And you feel my power
Through the telecasts
Know and take heed
That I shall be your lackey no more
I am not inferior
But superior!
I am not a groveling beast
But an affluent hub
Not a 3rd class peasant
But a 1st class queen
And it would be keen
If you treat me as such
When I was girl I worked in trenches
Worked, and worked as the days grew long
Love was a thing thought of as precious
I only knew of it through a seldom song
Though you berated me
And hated me
I grew stronger
I got better and better
In each and every hour
The despotic nature that you had over me
Will not affect me anymore
As I ascend
Into Evermore

The author's comments:

'We shall overcome...'

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