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When I Was Younger

July 7, 2015
By Lalupu PLATINUM, Springfield, Illinois
Lalupu PLATINUM, Springfield, Illinois
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"Scars just mean you were stronger than whatever tried to kill you."

---Author Unknown

When I was younger
you were my constant companion.
My acme.
I wanted to be you.
Tried to transcend time to make it so,
for that is how much I loved you.
Before you disappeared.

When I was younger
it was said we were alike.
I disagree.
You are laborious.
I am lazy.
You are impregnable.
I am weak.
You are brave and beautiful.
I am common.

I am older now,
and you are gone.
I am still common, lazy, and weak.
Just as you saw me.
But I am not you.
Sometimes, I wonder,
What would life be like
if you'd never disappeared?

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