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All She Does Is Cry

July 10, 2015
By SarahSylvan GOLD, Needham, Massachusetts
SarahSylvan GOLD, Needham, Massachusetts
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All she does is cry
She cries for the boy she lost
She cries for the life that she had with him
She cries for the memories
For the good ol days
For the love
For the pain
For the heartbreak

The patience of those around her are slowly dwindling
They tell her to get over it
That he was just one of many boys to come
That she is naive for thinking that he was the one

He starts to come into her dreams
He takes control of her thoughts
Of her actions
And her feelings

Now she can take it no longer,
She feel herself falling
Falling into a new beginning? A place where she will once again find happiness
Or into rushing stream that will swoop her limp body away the second it makes contact

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