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Forever & Always

December 13, 2015
By _xoxo__riri_ BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
_xoxo__riri_ BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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Im just a girl with goals & high expectations

The true meaning of love , 

could I really know ?

The looks in my eyes , 

does it still show ?


I saw you , 

wanted you , 

then finally got you . 

The feelings i gained 

made me feel as if i couldn't live without you . 


The heartbreak I recieved was oh so sore . 

I still ask myself , "will it ever heal , 

will I ever be able to love anymore? "


You opened my eyes to alot of new things 

( both good and bad )

You took me high and gave me wings 


Our love for each other never ends , 

maybe not lovers , 

but forever friends


We argue , fight , and disagree daily 

and all that does is hurt us both 

- both you and me - 


No matter what you say 

or what you do 


I'll truely love you

The author's comments:

Some people might say because I'm young I don't know about love, but I think that love's the strongest with teenagers.This poem describes a whole relationship I had and how the love will never be forgotten between us.

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