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Rebel Love

February 15, 2016
By Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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Once upon a time,
a girl fell in love

She knew it was wrong
He was different
He had been through things that she would never understand
She knew no one would approve
He walked around like he had something to prove
He drank
He smoked
But she ignored all the red flags
He hung around with thugs
He slept with every girl he could get his hands on
She pretended
She didn’t see any of his flaws
He barely noticed her
But she didn’t care
Her family didn’t approve of this boy
She didn’t listen to their pleas
All she could see were his tattooed arms
She fell harder and harder every day
Her morals were thrown to the side when he looked at her
She would do anything just to be seen by him
Then she did something stupid
She let him take something of hers that was precious
She thought he really cared
She felt used
She felt like trash
But when he was around
He treated her like a queen
Weeks went by and her usual visitor never came
She was scared
How was she gonna tell her family
Would he even care
Surprisingly he stayed by her side through it all
He was at every appointment
He held her hand through it all
She felt loved
Then the fateful day came
The pain was so hard to handle
She screamed for him
People tried to calm her down
It all happened so fast
She could finally breathe
Or so she thought
Worried faces surrounded her
The doctors took him aside but she could hear every word
The baby had stopped breathing
Their child was gone
She couldn’t take the pain
She wanted to be with her child
He held her as she let out her last breath
He had lost them both in one day

Once upon a time,
a girl fell in love

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