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3 Days Of Sanity

November 7, 2017
By Poetgirl1 PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
Poetgirl1 PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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You have made it through 100% of your bad days so far. Keep going.

I get three days of sanity

Then I head back down the lonely road of reality

Within reality lies 

Lies of I'm fine

And I'll be alright 

Cause every single day is a land of its own

Filled with bloodthirsty lions

Lies of everything's alright to keep away that dreaded bite

The three days of sanity is a trap

Set by your thoughts

Telling you to let down your guard

So chaos can slip through the backdoor

Sanity messes with my mind

Telling me everything will be alright

Just then chaos creeps in

And within 

I'm overwhelmed

But I don't have the courage to tell

For chaos is a prison you can't escape

Until you are given a jailbreak

For three days

But by now you realize

The jailbreak

Is nothing but fake

Cause when the three days are over 

You head back down the road of all over again

Called reality

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