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Once I Had A Dream

December 20, 2017
By BookWerm SILVER, Orem, Utah
BookWerm SILVER, Orem, Utah
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Once I had a dream

A wonderful dream , it would seem

But behind the life and lure

all the world was lost, lackluster

no one to see, naught but to care

all I could do was stand there and stare


There were heroes abound

in this malevolent town

they all saved many, but none truly lived

the life of a pauper, the life of the land

were seen to them

as grains of sand


I resolved to remake

this world so that 

all things, like knives

all troubles and lives

were equal


after years

and many tears,

standing in my dream

I ripped the seam

I found reality


this world, this dreamplace

is like unto ours

if things were made

so no cards were played

if all was the same,

it would be forced

and any one thing with naught but a kiss

could again find a reason for prejudice


I realized, as the time flew

what a dream, that dream I knew

So real

I thought it up

Perfect image, so to say

of our world

none can pay

to see a perfect one

no such thing exists


so close

The author's comments:

I just started writing and couldn't stop. Not sure if its any good, but I like it.

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