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Letter to My Angel in Heaven

March 29, 2018
By his.babe.5.15.18 BRONZE, Alvin, Texas
his.babe.5.15.18 BRONZE, Alvin, Texas
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Hey Baby Girl,

I know that you're not here anymore and i can't see your smile, and hear your beautiful voice or your precious laugh. But i just want you to know that you're always loved, and we miss you. I havent really talked to your dad lately, he has a new girlfriend that he loves and cares about,along with a little boy. I wish you were still in my tummy, i feel empty without you there beautiful. But my fiance loves to put his hands on my tummy where you once were and it helps me feel better. I feel safer and i know that he would have been a great dad to you if you were still here. And i know that you took a part of me that i won't ever get back. Because god took you from me… and i feel your absence in my heart.. And i know that i won't ever get the chance to see you grow and become a beautiful girl. And babygirl, you're always in my heart and on my mind. You're my everything no matter what. And i'm sure daddy misses you too, it's just hard for him to explain because you were our pride and joy. And your name will forever be Samantha Lynn, forever and always. I miss you babygirl…. I've cried myself to sleep a few nights because i wish you were here with me today… and everyday… your dad's been doing bad stuff again. He's popping pills, and snorting bad stuff thats not good for him. I try to get him to stop but he doesn’t listen, he says that it helps with the pain… and i know he's not doing anything else bad like that but it scares me that it might hurt him really badly one day.  I keep him in my prayers all the time, and hope god helps him come to his senses and stops what he’s doing wrong and fixes them. And i'll write again soon babygirl. Stay strong for mommy please. I love you so much.


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this is about my miscarraige that  had last year around august and i felt like maybe writingto her would help me cope through it.

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