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June 10, 2018
By EntitledMonster SILVER, Portland, Oregon
EntitledMonster SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
¨There is no such thing as bad. We have evolved to attach an emotional significance to what is nothing more than the survival strategy of a pack animal. We are conditioned to invest divinity in unity. Good isn't really good, bad isn't really bad, bottoms aren't really pretty. You are a prisoner of your own meat.¨

I stared at the blank wall of my life

It glared right on back with its beady little eyes

Not wavering

Not watching

But waiting to see what my next move would be

Just so that way it could knock me back down off of my pedestal

2 steps forwards 10 steps back

I was the star of my own nightmare

And it was the director busy telling me everything that I was doing wrong

A blank face was all that I was getting

A voice without a face or a face without a voice,

In that moment I could not decide which was worse

The voice in my head told me what to do

But the face in front of it had no mind of its own to tell it

So it just sat there


And unnerving most

So we watched

And we waited

Not sure for exactly what

But the minutes passed

And then the hours
And then it seemed all to just come to a halt

But the rain screamed on

And the wind kept howling

And soon enough

She just disappeared

With the next person to take her place greedily waiting in line

With the same glint in their eye

The same glint that cost her her life

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