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who is that in the mirror?

April 9, 2010
By jessa-lynn PLATINUM, Elyria, Ohio
jessa-lynn PLATINUM, Elyria, Ohio
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giving up dosent always mean your weak, sometimes it just means your strong enough to let go.
(i love it when people comment on my work}

Who’s that in the mirror
It cannot be me
This person that people expect me to be
The stuck up prep girl who alone cuts herself
Or the small nerdy boy who truly needs help
The quiet one in the back of the class
But on the inside she screams people treat her like trash
The popular girl who looks at you and grins
Who hides herself under a layer of skin
The perverted jock who creeps you out
The things he says makes you want to shout
Or others who are beautiful and kind
They don’t think so they leave it behind
Confused and uncertain don’t know where to turn
They feel that hurt is what they deserve
So they put on a costume and mask every day
Hoping the sorrow and pain goes away
All of these people are like you and like me
Afraid to show the world there true identity.

The author's comments:
alot of times people pretend to be someone there not just because there afraid of being bullied or someone not liking them and everyone should know that just because someone sayes somthing doesnt make it true and be yourself cuz there isnt anyone you can be better!

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