November 3, 2010
By kemmie SILVER, Lagos, Other
kemmie SILVER, Lagos, Other
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I'm going to be famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here i am in the middle of the room

Lonely and alone, i'm filled with a sense of doom

Everything seems oh - so - foreign

It's so confusing being in strange terrain

The people look at me,pointing and whispering

To me it sounds like they are telling me to stop interfering

I know no one so i stand there in silence

Waiting for some kind of permission or license

I look up and see a lady smiling in my direction

I almost smile back but i notice she's looking behind me.....classic rejection

It's like i'm nothing to everyone here

They just keep staring me down,it's like they can smell my fear

I'm terrified and horrified, i think i shouldn't have come

My heart is pounding so hard against my ear drums

I just want to hide somewhere and never show my face

But with all the stares,it's quite impossible in this case

I look at the time,i've only been here five minutes

I wonder if this is really happening or am i losing my digits?

I think i have to get out before the ground swallows me

But that's not so bad because at last from these stares i'd be free

I try to remember the last time i've felt like this

The answer is never,i've always lived in bliss

I have always been loved or liked,everyone has my time

Now, to this particular line,i have nothing that rhymes

Bottom line,i have never been treated this way

Everyone is ignoring me like i've got nothing good to say

It feels really strange to be the stranger in this large hall

If they stare any harder,i'm sure i will fall

Finally,i find a corner where there us no one

Maybe on my own,i could still catch some fun.

The author's comments:
I went to a party where i didn't know anyone.............

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