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February 28, 2010
By KylieSmiley SILVER, La Mesa, California
KylieSmiley SILVER, La Mesa, California
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Can’t breathe when you touch my sleeve.
Your always one step ahead of me.
Never want you to leave.
But that’s the thing that you need to believe.
Hope you feel inside.
What I felt all this time.
It’s the one thing that drives me, crazy.
The one reason why I love you baby.

My heart it beating our of my chest.
You put my love to the test.
I can’t feel you when I’m asleep.
But you still linger in my dreams.
Feel my heart beat.
There’s nothing there.
You don’t believe me?
Can’t you feel the cold air?
You leave me such a mess,
I feel so breathless.

Can’t help but stare at the floor.
When your walking through my door.
When you talk to me.
It’s like your giving me the moonbeam.
Maybe it’s the sunshine,
Or maybe it’s the moonlight.
Your skin radiates against the sky,
Who knew that time could fly?


Maybe it’s the sunshine.
It could be the moonlight.
Your controlling what I feel,
I can’t tell if your for real.
You leave me such a mess,
I feel so breathless.


The author's comments:
I wrote this 2 years ago, it's pretty darn good for an 11 year old.

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