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May 8, 2010
By perfected_11 SILVER, Cheverly, Maryland
perfected_11 SILVER, Cheverly, Maryland
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"Negative thinking limits gods possibilities for us and for others."
-Craig L

Wanting the attention
Wrong ways to get it
Trying on anger
When I know I can't fit it
Can't get a hold of the problems Of today
So I try to forget about them
In hope they'll quickly fade away
Yes that means quick and fast
Hoping anger expires
And happiness last
Forgetting all bad moments
That you've had in the past
Wheteher angry or sad
They were only the times you Successfully surpassed
Remember that word as a stranger
Anger is one letter short
Of a word called 'danger'
And that danger will lead you to Trouble and then you'll find Yourself in the wrong kind of Huddle
Forever being the person who can't handle their emotions
Plus the one who puts bad energy Out in the open
Take a breath
Make it easy on yourself
Not to mention being angry affects Your overall health
So send away your agression
And then you see yourself making Different types of progression
Breath.Think.Forget and let this Be a lesson
I'm only trying to help
this simply a suggestion

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