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I'm Still Here Now

June 17, 2010
By indiecaligurl PLATINUM, Long Beach, California
indiecaligurl PLATINUM, Long Beach, California
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I can see that you
Don't believe it's true
That I'm here to stay
And that I care for you
Once upon a time
That's what it was like
A fairytale story
That doesn't end happy

One day you
Might just leave
And maybe
You might see
All I've done
All for you
By that time
We'll be through

Take me seriously
And please believe me
If I didn't care
Why am I still here
I gave you my time
Always there for you
Been here by your side
After all you've been through


The things I have done
Does not amount to
What you seem to expect
Of all I should do
It's like I am not
Good enough for you
Saddening to see now
It's not me its you

Clouds roll in
Darkness comes
But I'm still here
I'm still here

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