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Shout to Your World

February 16, 2011
By ILWriter333 GOLD, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
ILWriter333 GOLD, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
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Two woods diverged in a yellow wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference

You gotta know when it is time,
To just burst right out into rhyme
Don't worry if you're all alone,
It’ll be fine cause you’re world is shown
Yes it’s YOUR world, YOUR life…

Don’t be afraid to shout out
It’ll end up great so please don’t pout
Don’t doubt

Shout to the world that’s making
Even if your heart seems to be breaking
Shout out your life, shout out your feeling
Chances are now, it’s healing

Heal your life, mend your heart
You’ve gotta got out and do your part
Life, love, happiness and peace
You better live, before it’s released


I remember when I was a shell,
Soft on the inside, but you couldn’t tell
I acted so tough, so rough on the outside
But deep inside, I only had a doubt side
I forget, how great, life is
I’m just mechanical…Gee whiz


I gotta break through
To make it through
Don’t live life so shy
Just FLY

The author's comments:
When life get's me down, I write. (well, that and sit on the roof reading) It's my way of getting away from reality. I hope everyone will see this song and think to themselves: "life isn't that bad, maybe i should just forget" and I hope they realize it really isnt.
One of my main inspirations is the song I'm singing in chorus right now: "Up on the Roof", It's very inspirational, and it says "Get away from life for a moment or 2"

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